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The Melchizedek.
Making the Maria-knot you twist both wires once around each other, in case of Melchizedek you do that twice.

   Backside solution.

Once, twice... is one and a half possible? You bet. You'll end up with one end above and one end below.
Idea: start a coil with this knot in the middle and continue mono-polar towards two sides.


To twist one wire twice is also possible...





"From grandfathers scouting guide"
Dominique le Brun, ISBN 90-447-0478-8 & Peter Owen, ISBN 90-6761-099-2






The "mastworp"


  A slight variation. An X-knot at the rear.

How do I make this one? 



The "karaak"


I couldn't get it right using copper wire.
More something to use with silk, cotton, etc.



The "schootsteek"




The "constrictor"


Plus variation above. The other end consists of two paralel wires.



The "turk"






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